Monday, 9 February 2009

No-Knead Pizza Dough Recipe

Pizzas are cheap and easy to make. The most difficult part of it is making the dough for the base! Well, here is a quick and easy recipe for making delicious pizza bases. Make the base and add any topping you desire.

Dough Only Ingredients:

1 1/2 cup water
1/4 tsp dry active yeast
1 1/4 tsp salt
1/4 tsp sugar
2 tbsp olive oil
1/2 cup wheat flour
2 1/2 cups AP flour
cornmeal as needed


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Free Online Cooking Measurement Conversion Calculator

Have you ever come across a recipe and struggled with the weights, measurements and temperatures given? I know I have! I am from the UK, and still use the old imperial measurements of ounces, pints etc, but I tend to use metric measurements when in comes to temperature, mainly because that is what I have on my oven! I understand some American measurements and not others. It can all be a bit confusing.

I have found a neat little online cooking measurement conversion calculator that will help dimwits like me to translate weights and measures into something I can understand. It is online and completely free to use. Just enter the information asked for, click a button and presto! - the calculation is done for you. So now there is no excuse for not using those recipes you do not understand. Click the link below.

online cooking measurement conversion calculator

Roti, Chapati (Flat Indian Bread) Recipe

This recipe makes 4 Roti's:
1/2 Cup Whole wheat flour
Pinch of Salt
1/4 Cup and 1 tablespoon of luke warm water
1/4 teaspoon of Oil
1 teaspoon of Ghee or clear butter

Mix the flour, salt and water together to make a soft dough. The dough should be soft, so use a few drops of oil to help with the kneading process, this will stop it from sticking to your fingers. Make the dough 5 to 10 minutes before you intend to cook it.

Divide the dough into four parts and roll each of them in your palms, into small balls. Roll them out on a lightly floured board or kitchen counter. Roll them thin until they are about 5 inches in diameter.

Heat a skillet on a medium heat. You can check to see if the temperature is right by dropping a few drops of water onto it, they should evaporate almost immediately. Place your flattened dough onto the skillet and wait until it starts to change color ( use a spatula to see if it is browning), the top will also bubble. Turn when it has lightly browned. Turn it again and move it around the pan with the spatula, it will gradually puff up. It is ready to serve once it is puffed up and browned. Cover with a light coating of melted clear butter.

Thursday, 27 November 2008

Christmas Holiday Recipes - Traditional Fruit Cake

Fuit cake is traditionally associated with Christmas, this video will show you how to make one. I have made a list of the ingredients you will need below.


Two and a quarter cups of flour

One and a half cups of sugar

One cup of butter (softened)

8oz of cream cheese (softened)

Four Eggs

One and a half teaspoons of baking powder

One teaspoon of rum extract

Half a teaspoon of almond extract

4 oz Cranberries (soaked)

4 oz Cherries(soaked)

4 oz Walnuts

Watch the video for full instructions!

Basic Cooking Tips And Techniques - How To Cut A Pineapple

Pineapples are a good source of manganese as well as containing significant amounts of vitamin C, but it isn't the easiest of fruits to prepare as it is covered with a rough skin and has a hard core. This short video will teach you how to cut up a pineapple so as to maxinise the amount of usable fruit.

Basic Cooking Tips And Techniques - How To Sharpen A Knife

Cooking requires more than following a recipe, all cooks need to know how to use the 'tools of the trade', working with a blunt knife can be both frustrating and dangerous. Blunt knives require you to use more pressure, and increase the risk of slipping and cutting yourself; a sharp knife however needs less pressure and gives you more control. This video shows you how to sharpen you blunt knives.

Don't want to go through the hassle of learning how to sharpen you knives the traditional way? This might help:

Basic Cooking Techniques - Making Clarified Butter

You will find that many recipes call for the use of clarified butter. This video shows you how to easily make your own.